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5 Little Known Sequels To Popular Books

Want to catch up on some underground lit? We've got the best novels you've never heard of!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

It's great to catch up on a good book. It's fun, rewarding, and it gives you something to talk about on first dates so you don't look like an idiot. But do you ever feel like you've exhausted all your favorite reading options? Looking for some new material that you're garanteed to like? 

We here at CRAVE have found you five sequels to popular novels that you may not have know have existed. So with that being said, take a look and see if any of these should make it to your summer reading list:

1. "Before Jaws" by Peter Benchley

Hook: Sebastian the Crab gets a taste for innocent blood and terrorizes the underwater kingdom of King Triton. He can only be stopped by a fat flounder with low self-esteem and body dismorphia, who also suffers from a fear of being eaten by a Jamaican Crab with a propensity for smooth carribean beats.


2. "Sense and Sensibility and Terminators" by Jane Austen

Hook: Wonderfully before it's time, S&S&T is a tale of survival and redemption which tests the laws and mores of love in Victorian society. When Terminator is sent back to Old-Timey England, two friends must evade execution at the hands of a merciless robot who will stop at nothing until they are both pulverised in order to prevent them leading the humans to victory in the coming robot/human war. 


3. "Dragon F*cking" by George RR Martin

Hook: Game of Thrones author, George RR Martin takes us back to Westeros for a non-stop-no-holds-barred dragon orgy. There is little mention of knights, war, and betrayal, but more or less a sh*t-ton of giant reptilian sex. 


4. "War Horse of the Worlds" by HG Wells and Michael Morpurgo

Hook: After the events of War Horse, our equestrian hero must again face the horrors of war, but this time the agressor comes from outer space and is killing everything you hold dear. Will the horse make it home to his boy-owner or will the horse be melted down and used for precious alien fuel? 


5. "Fifty Shades of Kampf" by Adolf Hitler

Hook: Nazi Leader, Adolf Hitler revists the old themes of Mein Kampf in a much more sexual and seductive way the second time around. A lot less of the "jew hating" and a lot more of STDs. 


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