This Middle-School Catcher Is Dominating With One Arm

[Video] Luke Terry, only 14, has just one arm and is capturing intrigue across the nation with his dominance on the diamond.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Luke Terry is one of the best players on his middle-school baseball team. The kid has a strong bat, hitting in the three-hole, and he can throw out runners from behind home plate with the best of them. But he’s 14-years-old and plays for Cornersville (Tn). Middle School. So why should you care?

He has one arm.

Terry had an e-coli infection as a toddler and had to have his right arm amputated. It hasn’t stopped him from being a local baseball star.

Battle Creek Enquirer

“He’s amazing,” said teammate Logan Courtemanche, a pitcher. “He’s good.

“He’s as quick as anyone around. He’s real quick.”

Watch him transfer the ball with lightning quick speed; he drops his glove while tossing the ball in the air in a seamless motion, all before catching into his throwing motion. It’s unreal.

Jim Abbott was a baseball star who played primarily for the Angles in the late 80s and early 90s. He threw a no-hitter for the Yankees in ’93. He had one arm. So heck, who knows, maybe this kid really has a future here.

And just to add a pound of sugar to an already sweet story, Luke also hunts one-handed; he nabbed a 12-point buck last bow season. And oh yeah, he plays video games too, holding the controller with his feet and using his left arm to run the remote.

Thanks Luke. Whether you like it or not, you are an inspiration.

As for the rest of you, what have you been doing with your life?

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.