Top 5 Sports Moments Of 2011

These 5 moments make you come back to sports year in and out.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Sports greatest appeal is that you never know when something is going to happen that will leave you speechless with your jaw on the ground. And that something inevitably happens because that is just the nature of life, it doesn't always goes as plans, and that makes for some great TV sometimes. Below are five of the greatest sports moments of 2011, these moments are the reason we watch and will continue to watch in the future.


5. The Tebow Run

Tebow has been easily the most revered, and the most reviled, sports figure to be had in the second half of 2011. His outspoken faith and seemingly lack of traditional QB skills have left many people in doubt of this kid, but for some inexplicable reason, he seems to popeye up in the final quarter and has the Broncos on the verge of winning the AFC West after a 1-4 start. His greatest comeback this year has to be against the Jets where, after eight straight punts and with only six minutes remaining, Tebow took the Broncos 95 yards to the game winning touchdown. Oh, and he did it by running the final 20 yards himself to put the exclamation point to this story.


4. U.S. Women's Soccer Win over Brazil

Women sports unfairly doesn't garner the amount of attention it deserves but for one day, the women took center stage as they captured the eyes of the world with a stunning win over Brazil that put Women's soccer back on the map.

Down 2-1 with only two minutes remaining, everyone thought that the game was as good as over. Everyone, that is, except for the US women's team. Team stalwart Abby Wambach decided enough was enough and after receiving a pass from Megan Rapinoe that was beautify shot past a Brazilian defender and their keeper, she headed it into the net. The Americans would then go on to win 5-3 in penalty kicks to cap the greatest comeback in soccer history as nobody had previously ever scored that late in a match to tie a game.


3. Dallas Beats the Heat to win the NBA Championship

The offseason before last year in the NBA was one of the most talked about spectacles in sports history and when LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, it created such a firestorm that the Heat were easily the spotlight team of that season. With those three together, a championship was all but guaranteed… right?


The Dallas Mavericks showed that heart and will can trump skill when it matters most and thanks to the greatest disappearing act since Houdini by LeBron James, the Mavericks were the ones left hoisting the trophy and hosting the parade.


2. Cardinals Win Game 6 of the World Series

In any games greatest stage, there will be someone who stands out among the rest, for baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals, that was David Freese. Here's a rundown of of his clutch plays in game six of the World Series, perhaps one of the greatest games ever had in the history of baseball.

With the Cardinals trailing 7-5 in the bottom of the ninth with two runners on base, Freese hit a two out, two strike pitch for a triple tying the score 7-7 and sending the game into extra innings. Josh Hamilton hit a two run homer in the top of the tenth and the Rangers led 9-7. The Cardinals scored two in the bottom of the tenth on a Ryan Theriot RBI ground out and a two out Lance Berkman RBI single to center. It was tied 9-9 after ten innings.

The Rangers did not score in the top of the eleventh inning. Freese, who has had an incredible post season up to this point, led off the bottom of the eleventh with a home run to win it 10-9.

Can we say Wow, boys and girls.


1. The Final Night of the MLB Regular Season

Do You Believe in Miracles? Well, you should after some of the stuff found on this list but I can guarantee that both the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves are having a hard time believing in anything right now, let alone miracles, after both had history collapses that booted them out of the playoff pictures. Both teams were up by almost double digits in the Wild Card race in their respective leagues before going on an inexplicable slide that ended on the very last night of the regular season, and in mythic fashion as well. Four games ended in back to back fashion capped off by a seven run comeback, walk off win by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to complete probably the most electric night in modern baseball history.