T.G.I.M. #154

Previewing this week's television sports schedule. 

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The NBA playoffs are in full swing and they dominate this week in sports TV. With every game essential and with the injury bug biting hard, you don't want to miss any action as you never know what will go down. This promises to be one of the more interesting postseasons in NBA history and is heading that way fast. So don't miss out on history, make time for some basketball this week.



(NBA) New York at Miami 7 pm TNT– The Miami Heat look to take a commanding 2-0 lead over the depleted Knicks. With Tyson Chandler sick and their back-court thin due to injury, the Knicks didn't pose much of a challenge to the favored Heat and their three headed machine. If New York can get it together and steal game two, then all the pressure gets put on Miami, who hasn't shown it can deal with it.

(MLB) Texas at Toronto 7 pm ESPN

(NBA) Orlando at Indiana 7:30 pm NBATV

(NBA) Dallas at Oklahoma City 9:30 pm TNT



(MLB) Philadelphia at Atlanta 7:10 pm MLBTV

(NBA) Boston at Atlanta 7:30 pm NBATV

(NBA) Philadelphia at Chicago 8 pm TNT

(NBA) Denver at LA Lakers 10:30 pm TNT



(NBA) Utah at San Antonio 7 pm TNT

(MLB) Baltimore at NY Yankees 7:05 pm ESPN

(NBA) Indiana at Orlando 7:30 pm NBATV– The Orlando Magic look to continue to get it done without their franchise player, Dwight Howard, who is going to miss the entire playoffs due to injury. Can they rally enough to get past the Pacers in a seven-game series? That's the question this game may do a lot to answer.

(NBA) LA Clippers at Memphis 9:30 pm TNT



(GOLF) Wells Fargo Championship May 3-6 CBS/TGC

(NBA) Miami at New York 7 pm TNT

(NBA) Oklahoma City at Dallas 9:30 pm TNT



(NBA) Atlanta at Boston 7:30 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Chicago at Philadelphia 8 pm ESPN– The Bulls Championship hopes were all but crushed with the loss of Derrick Rose in game one. While the team will rally and take this series, there is little chance that they can extend the winning to the next. That is, unless something miraculous happens, which is possible in sports.

(NBA) LA Lakers at Denver 10:30 pm ESPN



(NBA) Indiana at Orlando 2 pm ESPN

(NASCAR) NASCAR Nationwide Series at Talladega 3pm abc

(NBA) Memphis at LA Clippers 4:30 pm ESPN

(NBA) Oklahoma City at Dallas 7:30 pm TNT

(NBA) San Antonio at Utah 10 pm TNT



(NBA) Chicago at Philadelphia 1 pm abc

(NASCAR) NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Talladega 1 pm FOX

(MLB) NY Yankees at Kansas City 2:10 pm TBS


(NBA Miami at New York 3:30 pm abc– The road to the Championship for the Heat has been cleared pretty heavily for this team with the Bulls' loss of Rose, so it's up to Wade and James to get past the minor road bumps without wrecking. Without major competition, the Heat should be in good shape to win it all come the Finals.

(NBA) Atlanta at Boston 7 pm TNT

(MLB) Philadelphia at Washington 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) LA Lakers at Denver 9:30 pm TNT

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