10 Videos of Egg Russian Roulette

This is an actual thing!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You might be surprised to learn that people don’t just smash eggs on their forehead for fun. They also do it for sport. In Russian Egg Roulette, a number of hard-boiled eggs are presented to two or more competitors, but one of them is actually just a regular egg. They take turns smashing the eggs on their heads until the regular egg is sloppily discovered. Here are 10 videos of Egg Russian Roulette:


Odd Sports: Russian Egg Roulette

Egg-celent reporting.


Egg Roulette in Raleigh

Egg throwers try a new game.


Egg On Your Face

1:14 is where the egg-ction starts.


DWG Egg Roulette Challenge

Kneel before Egg-Zod!


Egg Russian Roulette at the Ball Park

At least they didn’t launch the eggs t-shirt cannon style.


Backyard Egg Roulette

As we’ve seen, the games aren’t always long.


Egg Roulette at Wor

This is a team building exercise I can get behind.


Russian Roulegg

It’s the best way to entertain British children, apparently.


Admiral Group Egg Roulette 2009

Very, very smart to bring a raincoat.


Russian Egg Roulette World Championships

The endorsement deals are huge.


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