Michael Clarke Duncan IS Kilowog in ‘Green Lantern!’

Wait, you're still casting this movie? It comes out in two months! Get with the program, ya poozers!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Michael Clarke Duncan starred in The Green Mile. Now, he's in The Green Lantern. See? It's that kind of clever observation that makes Crave Online the zenith of entertainment journalism. It's weird to keep getting casting news this late in the game, however. Green Lantern's coming out in a scant two months and they're still attaching stars to some of the bigger roles. Granted, it's just a voice-acting position but why the heck did they wait this long? Did someone forget all about it until the last minute?

"Oh crap, guys! We forgot to cast the film!"

"God damn it, Steve! What were you doing all this time!"


Sigh… Anyway, Hollywood Reporter has announced that Academy Award-nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (remember that?) will be supplying the voice to Kilowog, who plays Hal Jordan's drill instructor in the film. He's a no-nonsense bruiser who likes to call his cadets 'poozers' (which means 'useless rookie). Think of him as an extra-terrestrial R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket. In fact, Kilowog's own drill instructor was an alien named 'Ermey.' We're not sure if that's a coincidence or not. Anybody want to help us out?

Crave Online will be back when they cast Daniel Day-Lewis to play Salaak or something.