Warner Bros. to Replace ‘Harry Potter’ with ‘Merlin’

Can the dubba-dubba-WB keep the magic alive with a new fantasy franchise?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

It's hard not to like Merlin Olsen, the famed defensive player for the Los Angeles Rams who segued into acting in such shows as Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy (not to mention his guest appearance in the Joe Don Baker 'classic' Mitchell). So it's a little disappointing that the new franchise from Warner Bros. based on T.A. Barron's The Lost Years of Merlin is about that other Merlin instead. You know, the 'sorcerer' Merlin. Oh well. Wizards are so hot right now.

With Harry Potter ending it seems that Warner Bros. is looking for a new hit fantasy franchise to turn into a perennial cash cow. The Lost Years of Merlin is still at the screenplay stage right now, with a nice little rags-to-riches story in full effect. It seems that the first film will be written by Ed Whitworth, a script reader for Oprah Winfrey's production company who impressed executives with his spec screenplay Powell, about the life and times of General Colin Powell. It's a big leap of faith for Warner Bros., since he has no other feature film credits on his resume, but it's always cause for celebration when a Hollywood underling finally gets to quit his day job. Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for the news.

Crave Online will look to and fro, high and low for new Merlin news in the future.