Craig Brewer Writing New ‘Tarzan’ Trilogy

The 'Hustle and Flow' director developing one of two new Tarzan projects at Warner Bros.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

In what can only be called an unexpected development, Warner Bros. has tapped Craig Brewer to write and possibly direct a trilogy of new Tarzan movies for the production company. Brewer is best known as the writer and director of hard-edged dramas like Black Snake Moan and the Academy Award-winning Hustle and Flow. Can he swing a big action franchise like Tarzan? Warner Bros. seems to think so.

Or maybe it doesn't. Brewer's screenplays are only one of the Tarzan projects Warner Bros. is actively developing. It seems that the Dubba-Dubba-WB is so desperate to get a new Tarzan franchise going – we haven't had a good one since the 1930's – that they've also hired Adam Cozad to develop his own take on the project, with the idea to pick the better project once they're both completed. Cozad doesn't have as prominent a history in the industry as Brewer, but he's contributed to the screenplays for the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot as well as Archangel, a film which has TRON: Legacy's Joseph Kosinski attached. Deadline had the original story.

We're pleased as punch that Warner Bros. is making Tarzan a priority. Back in January we declared the franchise one of the 10 Movie Franchise Reboots We Actually Want. Tarzan's not the only franchise from that article to start moving since we published it: Daredevil and Highlander have both gained traction in the last few months as well.

Crave Online will return with more Tarzan news after we get back from this 'swingers' party.