‘The Wolfman’ Gets a Reboot ALREADY

The reboot of the horror franchise is barely a year old, gets reboot anyway.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

So 2009's The Wolfman wasn't as bad as all that, really. It had problems and if you boil the plot down it was basically a furrier version of The Hulk, but whatever. Great makeup though. Won an Oscar. But it made only $139 million from its $150 million budget so sequel talk wasn't exactly inevitable. So we're not exactly surprised that Universal Pictures isn't talking sequel right now. We're kind of shocked, however, that they're talking reboot instead.

Movie Hole reports that Universal is taking a proposed sequel script to The Wolfman and rewriting it as an original film to reboot the franchise, possibly titled Werewolf. (Clever.) Michael Tabb, who apparently wrote the original draft of Troy, had been scripting the project. The new film will reportedly have more to do with the 1941 original film The Wolf Man than the one-word version, and is gearing up to go into production in the fall.

Which… seems a little fast to us. Does it seem fast to you? Marvel Editor Joe Quesada once referred to certain properties as 'radioactive,' meaning that it takes time for previous ill-will to die off before audiences can accept a relaunch without instantly remembering a disappointing former take on the character. Is a couple years really enough? I guess the makers of The Incredible Hulk would say 'Yes.'

Oh crap, The Wolfman really is just like The Incredible Hulk, isn't it?

Crave Online will be back with more Wolfman/Werewolf news after our electrolysis appointment.