10 Bravo!FACT-Funded Short Films Screening At TIFF

Bravo!FACT-funded films make a strong showing at TIFF.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Ten Bravo!FACT-funded (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) short films have been selected to screen at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), being held September 8 through September 18.

“I am so pleased 10 shorts awarded Bravo!FACT grants have been recognized by one of the world’s most respected film festivals,” said Judy Gladstone, Executive Director of Bravo!FACT in an official release. “The TIFF programmers chose their work out of hundreds of submissions and the filmmakers are now in for an exciting festival ride! Bravo!FACT congratulates all the incredibly talented filmmakers who have shorts screenings at TIFF.”   

And here they are, in no particular order:


"Sorry Rabbi" (Québec)

Sorry Rabbi features Jacob Tierney ("The Trotsky," "Slings & Arrows") and Jessica Paré of "Mad Men" fame in a dispute between two worlds, old and new. The flick is directed by Mark Slutsky ("The Recommendations").


"Up in Cottage Country" (Ontario)

Starring Josh Peace ("Living In Your Car"), Julian Richings ("Hard Core Logo 2") and Liane Balaban ("New Waterford Girl"), "Up in Cottage Country" takes its inspiration from Franz Kafka's story "In the Penal Colony." Director Simon Ennis' previous short, "The Canadian Shield," was also produced with a Bravo!FACT grant and premiered at TIFF.


"Issues" (Ontario)

Written by and starring Hugh Dillon as well as directed by Enrico Colantoni, both of whom are from "Flashpoint," "Issues" gives an inside glimpse into a therapy session between a depressed and angry clown, and his psychiatrist.


"Little Theatres: Homage to the Mineral of Cabbage" (Ontario)

This haunting stop-motion short examines the Galician poetry of Erín Moure. It is directed by Stephanie Dudley.


"The Yodeling Farmer" (Manitoba)

Master Yodeller Stew Clayton, "Canada's Ambassador of Traditional Country Music," struts his stuff in the "The Yodeling Farmer" directed by Mike Maryniuk's and John Scoles (Mike Maryniuk co-directed "Cattle Call," also produced with a Bravo!FACT grant and premiered at TIFF).


"Tabula Rasa" (Québec)

A phantasmagorical recounting of the Winnipeg Flood of 1950, it's directed by Matthew Rankin, who co-directed "Ou est Maurice" and "Cattle Call," both of which were produced with grants awarded by Bravo!FACT and premiered at TIFF.


"Patch Town" (Ontario)

Stars of "Patch Town" include Lisa Ray ("Water," "Defendor"), Julian Richings and Rob Ramsay ("Blue Mountain State") as the Cabbage Patch orphan who finally grows up. The flick is the first narrative film by Craig Goodwill.


"Hidden Driveway" (Ontario)

Relive the tale of two brothers who share a moment of confusion while trying to make sense of family dynamics that are leaving them in the dark. "Hidden Driveway" is directed by Sarah Goodman ("When We Were Boys").


"We Ate The Children Last" (Ontario)

Based on a short story by award-winning author Yann Martel ("Life of Pi"), Andrew Cividino’s "We Ate The Children Last" describes the decay of society as the result of a medical miracle gone terribly wrong.


"Good Boy" (Ontario)

What begins as a golden afternoon at the beach for a mother, her child and their dog, ends with suspenseful results. "Good Boy" is directed and written by Isaac Cravit, whose film "Living History" was produced with a grant awarded by Bravo!FACT and premiered at last year’s TIFF.