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Top 5 Awful Movie Villains

These guys are so bad, they don't even need to do anything evil to kill us.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Movie fans often deliberate over who is the best movie villain of all time; for a while Darth Vader unequivocally held the crown, however George Lucas’ relentless attempts to turn the Galaxy’s most notorious Sith into a pre-pubescent 12-year-old girl have resulted in critics bellowing “NOOOOOO!” each time ol’ buckethead places above Norman Bates. But while the battle still rages on over which silver screen baddie takes the poisonous cake, there is still a war that has yet to be decided: just who is the baddest of the bad?

I’m not talking in slang here, either; I’m talking about who is the most downright terrible villain in cinema history. Here is the Top 5 most Awful Movie Villains.


5.  General Grievous

On paper General Grievous sounded overwhelmingly cool. Prior to seeing Revenge of the Sith, glimpses of him juggling 4 lightsabers caused almost as many heart palpitations in the ribcages of fanboys than the first sighting of Darth Mauls dual ‘saber. Unfortunately, our excitement didn’t last for long. Grievous turned out to be a wheezing, cowardly non-threat whose life was ended by a shot from a blaster pistol.



4. Nuclear Man

He was born due to a nuclear explosion on the sun. His name was Nuclear Man. He died after being thrown into a nuclear reactor. Wait – what? With a death that makes as much sense as Peter Parker being bumped off by a house spider, Nuclear Man was an underwhelming foe that Superman was forced to go toe-to-toe against, whose only contribution to the franchise was making The Man of Steel’s costume seem subtle and restrained by comparison.


3. Venom

It wasn’t exactly a secret that Sam Raimi wasn’t a fan of Venom, but considering how many of us are it was something of a dick move that he included the super villain in Spider-man 3, and then proceeded to remove everything about the character that we liked in the first place. Unless, of course, you watched the Spider-man Animated Series with the opinion that Eric from That 70s Show would be a perfect fit for the part of Eddie Brock.


2. Terl

Remember when John Travolta was a hot commodity in Hollywood? Yeah, me neither. But apparently he was huge in the 70s, although after watching Battlefield Earth you immediately blame the heavy distribution of narcotics in that era as the reason for him becoming an icon. Every actor is allowed a bad performance, but holy sh*t is he terrible as Battlefield Earth’s Terl. Not that he’s helped by dialogue that sounds like it was haphazardly written on the sweaty palm of Michael Bay, after a night spent downing Vicodin and injecting horse tranquilizers into his eyeballs.


1. Mr. Freeze

Arnie’s portrayal of Mr. Freeze in Joel Schumacher’s universally derided Batman & Robin was met with a frosty reception from critics and fans alike. I know what you’re thinking: “Icy Wut U Did Ther”; but honestly, if you managed to sit through the movie without experiencing an overwhelming urge to exit the cinema and run into oncoming traffic, then you know that The Governator’s Freeze was nothing but a series of puns and horrendous jokes. In a film that included highlights such as a Bat Credit Card and Bat nipples, the fact that Mr. Freeze was the downright worst facet of it says an awful lot about just how badly Schumacher slipped up with the big screen transition of arguably Batman’s most tragic foe.