Lake Shore is Canada’s Jersey Shore

...And it already got the boot.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

"Lake Shore," Canada's answer to "Jersey Shore," has been given the axe before it even took to the airwaves.

Over a year ago ads began appearing online showing the different "characters" who were slated to appear on the intentionally-trashy new reality TV show "Lake Shore," and the buzz began. However, The Star reported this week that producer Maryam Rahimi sent an email to members of the cast saying, “I am sorry to say this, but it's over.” Apparently all of the networks declined to pick the show up, she wrote.

Cast mates were disappointed in the decision as visions of becoming the north's "The Situation" got washed down the drain with their hair gel. “What do I say to people now?” asked "The Lebanese" Salem Moussallam, who runs a designer consignment shop on Queen Street West in Toronto and said he auditioned to generate publicity for his business, as reported by The Star. “It’s been really embarrassing.” Others are shrugging it off. “I partied so much thinking that this was going to happen,” said "The Italian" Joey Violin. “It’s probably better for me that it’s not happening – better for my health."

Some fans are feeling slighted, and were excited to have bragging rights to our own ridiculous reality show north of the border. However, true-blue TV fans are breathing a collective sigh of relief, insisting we're inundated with enough mindless television shows and don't need another one, especially like this. The show had promised "to answer the question what happens when eight vibrant and volatile twenty-something Torontonians from different backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientations shack up," pointed out, but now it's been dubbed too controversial for Canadian TV.

Unless a network backpedals and decides to take on "Lake Shore," the cast better stick to keeping their day jobs.