Top 10 Inspirational Video Game Kills

Ahh, nothing says happy holidays like some violent acts of cold-blooded murder. Cheers!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Although my love for video games is boundless, I’ve still somehow never managed to become that proficient at any of them. In fact, I hit my gaming peak at the tender age of 7, finally beating Supers Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts (both times) before doing a victory lap around the kitchen. Since that moment my skill level has severely dipped, with my current K/D ratio leaving a lot to be desired.

So it’s been somewhat annoying creating this list, which largely features players that have achieved a level of supreme awesomeness that I can only longingly look up to.

Nevertheless, here are the top 10 most inspirational kills in videogame history. Try not to beat yourself up about it like I did.


10. Well Timed Tomahawk, Poorly Timed RC

We’ve all seen enough random Black Ops Tomahawk kills, but this one’s a little different. Sure, the player probably didn’t intend for the ‘hawk to hit the RC car, but it did and it was awesome. More luck than skill, but when luck is this stylish who’s gonna argue with it?


9. The Apocalypse

Each of these kills features the untimely deaths of no more than 5 players. This Sim City “Independence Day”, however, features the deaths of thousands upon thousands of insignificant, innocent pixels. Featuring everything from meteors to aliens, this video is a chilling reminder of what the Earth would look like if left in the hands of a bored, omnipotent gamer.


8. Sh*t, I Missed… Wait, Never Mind.

At first I’m sure BlackShadowMist felt a little disappointed. Dejected, even. Watching his lonely plasma grenade fly through the air and connect with none of his fellow Spartans, he probably thought that was the last he would ever see of the little explosive blue sphere. But then, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the plasma grenade flies back into the air, mercilessly killing all those foolish enough to stand in its vengeful wake.


7. Falcon… PAWNCH!!!

It’s common knowledge that the Falcon Punch is the single most devastating move in videogame history, and it has never looked as good as it does in this clip. Such manly brute force combined with all the delicacy of a Swan Lake performance; it’s like watching poetry in motion… *sniffs*


6. “bhind u”

If you pause the video at 1.10 you can almost see the embarrassment in “crusher6666”’s pixelated eyes.


5. The World’s Greatest Headshot

There have been many great headshots in videogame history, from your Call of Duty’s to your Battlefields, to your Counter Strikes and Team Fortresses. But none have been as tense, skilful and ultimately damn gratifying to watch as this one from Sniper Elite. Watch and learn campers.


4. I Used To Be An Adventurer Like You…

…then I took an arrow IN THE FACE.


3. Straight From An Action Movie

Who needs big budget po-faced Hollywood action movies to provide us with ridiculous explosions and helicopter based tomfoolery, when a few friends can load of GTA IV and do it themselves? Not only does this video make me long for GTA V, it also makes me long for a video of this incident from the perspective of the unfortunate soul who was sent flying across the runway.


2. RendeZook

Like a scene from Michael Bay’s wet dreams, RendeZook goes all Chuck Norris on us and achieves the seemingly possible. Unfathomably epic, but somewhat familiar…


1.The RendeZook Prequel

Ah-ha! Now I remember. RendeZook is a masterpiece, but it simply cannot compete with its predecessor – the frankly tear-inducing LoopZook. This Battlefield 1942 gem of a video clip features our hero setting his aircraft to loop before ejecting from it, firing a bazooka at the enemy and then landing back in the cockpit of his loyal plane, which returned into his grasp with all the finesse of a boomerang. It’s so beautiful…