Mike Cammalleri On “Mr. D”

NHL hockey player is a star on and off the ice.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

For those of you who are fans of the new comedy "Mr. D" or who are fans of NHLer Mike Cammalleri had the best of both worlds this week when the left winger made a guest appearance on the hilarious CBC show.

“I’ve known (actor Gerry Dee) for years,” Cammalleri told Postmedia News about the popular stand-up comedian. “We’ve been golf buddies for I would have to say 10 years now. So I’ve watched his career progress. I’m really proud of him.”

"Mr. D" launched in January of this year on the CBC and stars comedian Gerry Dee, a Scarborough native who was raised in Toronto and used to be a high school gym teacher. Dee also appeared in "Skins" and "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie." Since then it has become one of the network's highest-rated comedies.

After the Habs played Calgary this week, Calgary Sun writer Ian Busby wrote: "Those hoping to see Michael Cammalleri had to settle for Monday’s cameo appearance on CBC’s 'Mr. D,' the best new Canadian show on TV. Even more impressive than Cammalleri’s decent acting ability was the way the producers stickhandled around the fact it was shot when he was still with the Montreal Canadiens. Cammalleri did absorb a great burn when one character said, 'Do you skate like a boy, because you walk like a girl?' No truth to the rumour Cammalleri missed Tuesday’s game auditioning for a lead role in 'Goon 2'" (Haha that would be great, by the way).

There's no word whether Cammalleri will be making additional TV appearances.