Toronto Film Industry Boasts Strong Numbers

Reports show it was a record-breaking year in the big TO.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

It's been the best year in a decade for the Toronto film industry – the city is reporting that they helped inject $1.13 billion into the Canadian economy in 2011.

It should come as no surprise – the elements were perfect for the movie industry, as the country pulls out of an economic slump and more big productions are being created and filmed in Toronto. Government tax breaks and an major influx of great local talent have also helped with the record-breaking boost.

"Our success in 2011 is due to our world-class talent behind and in front of the camera, our studios' ability to attract more and larger productions, a deep and experienced supplier base, and the city's and province's efforts to make Toronto an attractive production location," said Councillor Michael Thompson, chair of the city's economic development committee, in a statement issued Monday (as reported by CTV Toronto). The outlet went on to report that the Toronto film industry employs about 25,000 full-time workers, more feature films were produced in Toronto in 2011 than in the year before, and producers also spent more on those movies. The city hosted two of its largest feature films ever in 2011 as well: a big-budget remake of the 1990s film "Total Recall," with Kate Beckinsale and Bryan Cranston, with a reported $200-million budget, along with the alien-thriller film "Still Seas," (also known as "Pacific Rim"), starring "Sons of Anarchy" lead Ron Perlman.