Review: Three Hot Gaming Mice

Snipe and pound with our gaming mouse recommendations

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Looking to unleash sniper power on a computer RPG? Avoid using your standard mouse and exercise that precision with these recommended gaming mouses built for those long stretches on that virtual turf.

R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse Albino

The Cyborg R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse offers one of the most innovative designs of all time. It offers rebuilding options, applying snap on items to improve grip (rest your hand higher or lower), and separate plates snapped on to adjust your pinky position. Add or remove small metal weights to improve comfort. There are two scrolling buttons, side scroll and top scroll, which helps for RPG games. Software is included which adjusts DPI, modes, and precision aim targeting which uses a slider. Programmable buttons create hot keys per mode to set it to RPG or fps modes which allows gamers to avoid re adjusting hot keys in between games, since every game may demand different controls.

CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G Gaming Mouse

This performer is characterized by a grill with LED lights, an untangle coil cable, sensitive response buttons, and a rubberized grip. Included is a scroller and a separate button which switches profile . Five profiles can be added to the mouse via profile with 125 MB. The back light up beams (five colors), one per profile to easy identification between multiple players. Other buttons apply changes in DPI settings for quick adjustments in game. This is a great feature for games with diverse character sets (e.g. Counter Strike sniper vs. medic who move and react differently). All in all, Zero-G's ergonomic design limits strained wrists. Finally, weights can be added or removed. In all, you can add up to 21 grams.

Razor Tron Legacy

This plastic Tron themed mouse comes with a 5600 DPI razor sensor, 11 buttons, and a blue lighting theme with on/off function. It also includes a built-in speaker. Thumb and picky have limited support with no rubberized portions for finger traction, making this more of a Web than a gaming mouse. Plus, it is smaller than your average gaming mouse. Look to the R.A.T 7 and CM Storm Zero-G mouses for better ergonomic and feature options.