Metta World Peace Officially Labled As ‘Lakers Idiot’

While a Chicago station gets as aggressive as World Peace's elbow, Josh Helmuth takes a look at why it's well deserved.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Kudos to the Chicago ABC affiliate for being bold.

The picture seen above was submitted to Deadspin via @Ten_Foot_Midget. Whether you like World Peace or not, the online community seems to be trending towards hilarity in regards to the whole scenario; and rightfully so.

Besides the fact that Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) now holds the most ironic name in the history of sports, let's take a quick glimpse at what has unfolded recently between the 'Lakers idiot' and Thunder guard James Harden.

April, 22 — World Peace elbows Harden to the head following a dunk. World Peace would act as if it were inadvertent, but would still be suspended multiple games. Harden would miss games as well due to the concussion sustained from the hit.


May 16, Game 2 West Semifinals — More 'World Peace' in action, as the Lakers forward got by clotheslining Thunder players multiple times without getting a whistle. In fact, on one play, World Peace took down two guys with one arm, as if they were bowling pins — it was one of the Thunder players who got called for the foul after being knocked down.

As you can see from the picture above, the referee is looking right at the play — a call was not made. Corrupt much?


May 16, Game 2 West Semifinals — In what was truly inadvertent, James Harden later drove to the basket and made a sweet assist to a teammate for a bucket downlow. The drive started after World Peace reached in for a steal. While manuevering around World Peace, Harden dribbled behind the back, accidentally elbowing World Peace in the face while doing so. Although being hit, World Peace flopped to the floor melodramatically without getting a call.


Let me conclude by stating that I am not a fan of the Lakers nor the Thunder, but I do believe in justice and even more so in Karma. Ron…err, Metta, has been suspended multiple times during his career for being a bully. He even stated that he would not shake the hand of Harden following his now famous elbow incident — you stay classy World Peace.

I'm also sure Kobe Bryant has given an earful to World Peace in regards to his aggresiveness on the floor. In short, World Peace needs to be smarter and quit acting like the villiage idiot. Los Angeles almost lost a seven-game series to the Nuggets without him (he missed the first six games), and they'll need him on the floor for as many minutes as possible if they even want a shot at beating OKC.

Already up 2-0 in their series with the Lakers, no matter which side you're on, Harden and his Thunder team are going to get the last laugh. And until World Peace becomes just that, he's going to be the laughing stock of the sport.

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