Metta World Peace: Weatherman?

How the controversial Lakers star tries his hand at giving people the weather instead of an elbow.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's the belief of some that there is an infinite amount of parallel universes out there that mirror our own with the small exceptions of divergent instances. In plain speak, in those universes, for any decision or action we take here, a different one happens there.

Say you went to work today, well, in another parallel universe, you would have called off. In our world, the Oklahoma City Thunder is in the NBA Finals, but in another, the Los Angeles Lakers made an improbable run and got there.

For Lakers fans, that would be an awesome world to live in right now, and a familiar one.

But, fortunately or unfortunately, we live in this universe and the Thunder are waiting on the Heat or Celtics and the Lakers are in their offseason, doing whatever it is they do. For the controversial Metta World Peace, that's apparently trying his hand at being a weatherman.

World Peace made his weatherman debut on Wednesday night when he popped up CTV Vancouver. During their news program, Mr. Metta plopped on his meteorological hat and decided to give the green screen a go, freestyle and unprepped.

Here is a brief snippet of his natural talent for this type of work;

"There is rain everywhere."

"Victoria. She sounds like she's hot but she's actually cold, 14 degrees."

"It looks like its 11 degrees everywhere."

While not the most riveting or gripping of weather performances, props must be given to World Peace for taking the bull by the horns and getting it done. It's doubtful, however, that this is going to be his first choice for a post-career job.

It should also be noted in World Peace's favor that no newscaster or employee of CTV Vancouver was hurt or assaulted by flying elbows in any way during this broadcast, or if they were, they aren't telling.


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