Stern And Rome’s Verbal Battle Royale

The NBA commish gets into a very heated debate with the radio show host when the wrong question is asked.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth is reporting that NBA commissioner David Stern got into a very intense back-and-forth debate with Jim Rome on Wednesday morning when Rome confronted him with questions regarding the Hornets' winning the draft lottery and whether or not what transpired was fixed.

Below is what ensued.

"I know that you appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, was the fix in for the lottery?" asked Rome, who hosts a daily radio show with Fox and a TV show on CBS Sports Network.

"I have two answers for that," Stern said. "The simple easy one, no, the second, a statement, shame on you for asking."

Rome continued because he said it was his job to inquire considering the public truly wonders.

"No, it's ridiculous, but that's OK," Stern said.

Rome then explained that he didn't think the question was ridiculous at all.

Stern responded: "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

Rome, who has no history of domestic abuse then responded, "I don't think that's fair."

More debate continued when Rome told Stern that he hopes he wouldn't hold the question against him.

"I wouldn't hold it against you," Stern said. "You and I have been in more contentious talks than that. But it's good copy. You do these things for cheap thrills."

Rome then went on the offense before Stern changed his demeanor.

"Cheap trick," he said. "You've been successful in making a career of it, and I keep coming on."

Those remarks created even more of a whirlwind.

Rome: "Making a career of it? Making a career of what? What? Cheap thrills?"

Stern: "Now you're getting mad. You're taking on the world and now Jim Rome is pouting."

Rome: "I'm not pouting, I'm taking offense."

Stern: "You want to hang up on me?"

Rome: "No, I'm seriously running out of time."

Stern: "Listen, I gotta go call somebody important like Stephen A. Smith back. He's next."

Rome: "OK, you go make that call and I'll go talk to somebody else too I guess. Have a nice day. I did not hang up on him, we are officially out of time."

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Photo Credit: AP