Pro Gamers’ Scavenger Hunt at Comic Con 2012

Pro Gamers IIJeriichoII and GoldGlove join CraveOnline to take on the ultimate first person co-op challenge... San Diego Comic Con 2012!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

San Diego Comic Con gives Southern California the shot-in-the-arm of awesome that it needs every July.  Film, TV, gaming and comics fans alike flock to SoCal every year to soak up some sun and not only surround themselves with a collection of all that they find awesome, but also give themselves the chance to meet their favorite artists, developers, publishers and celebrities. 

This year, CraveOnline will be bringing you the most unique experience of Comic Con that has ever been provided.  Through the eyes of two Comic Con virgins(that seems like an oxymoron… Just kidding everyone!), Pro Gamers IIJeriichoII and GoldGlove will explore the convention center and beautiful downtown San Diego in all its Comic Con glory!  And there's no better way to experience the adventure that is Comic Con than with an epic scavenger hunt.


Introducing… the First Annual CraveOnline Comic Con Scavenger Extravaganza!!!

Here are the rules:

Both of our players must travel in and around San Diego Comic Con 2012 to complete each of the following tasks.  Upon completing the task, they must take a photo that includes both players showing that the task in complete.  The only other rule is to remain bad ass and awesome at all times.  Best of luck our two players, IIJeriichoII and GoldGlove!

Here are the tasks(listed in no specific order):

Find two hot cosplay girls each and take a picture while both players are in a “cheek-kiss-sandwich” with the four girls.

Take a picture with a celebrity attendee that is not there for work.  (We all know people like self-proclaimed geek Zachary Levi from Chuck or actors from popular shows like Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica will be there promoting.  Get a picture with a celeb attendee that's there for fun like NBA Star David Robinson or pop star Katy Perry!)

Get a picture taken while both players are wearing full swag.  Each with different hats, each with different shirts, and each holding one additional different piece of swag.

Take a picture with a copy of the Mass Effect Comic Book.  There must also be someone from the publishing company in the photo.

Players must each find their favorite featured video game at one of the video game booths and get a picture while playing.

Many of the TV networks and film production houses have booths at Comic Con, and they usually have a practicals set in place where fans can get their picture taken.  Players must find one of these sets and get their picture taken.  PLAYERS MUST BE IN CHARACTER FOR THE SET THEY ARE ON.

Players must walk around the Gas Lamp District and take a picture of the bar specials sign with the most creative Comic Con pun that can be found.

Each player must get a picture in front of their favorite yacht in the marina behind the convention center. (Bonus:  If someone is hanging out on their yacht and will let players take the picture on the yacht.)

Find something going on outside the convention center in downtown San Diego that is crazy and unexpected. (ie. LowRider riding party, Flash Mob, etc.)

Get to the closet beach and take a picture with SoCal beach partiers!


Be sure to check back regularly at our First Annual CraveOnline Comic Con Scavenger Extravaganza
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Also, CraveOnline will be at Comic Con all weekend in full force!  We have videos, articles, photo galleries and so much more that you can check out by visiting our brand-spankin'-new CraveOnline Comic Con page!