Pro Gamers Scavenger Hunt at Comic Con: Round 1

Not everything on the list was easy, did the guys pull it off?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

CraveOnline sent two Pro Gamers to Comic Con 2012 on an epic scavenger hunt in and around the convention center in San Diego.

To check out the rules, visit the Pro Gamers at Comic Con rules page.

Round 1 went pretty well for both IIJerIIchoII and GoldGlove, check it out!


Find two hot cosplay girls each and take a picture while both players are in a “cheek-kiss-sandwich” with the four girls.

Ok, so it was hard to find four girls all together that were acceptably hot.  So the guys had to improvise.


Take a picture with a celebrity attendee that is not there for work.

Once again, I'm pretty sure this guy was there for work… But maybe he was on a break!  Oh and our gamers became demons while with Seth Green…


Get a picture taken while both players are wearing full swag.  Each with different hats, each with different shirts, and each holding one additional different piece of swag.

Hey, at least this chick is wearing full swag… and of course the new CraveOnline shirts!


Take a picture with a copy of the Mass Effect Comic Book.  There must also be someone from the publishing company in the photo.

Hey look!  It's our pro gamers with the Mass Effect producers, Dark Horse Comics!


Players must each find their favorite featured video game at one of the video game booths and get a picture while playing.

Boom! Marvel vs. Capcom Origins!


Round 2 will be up soon!  Be sure to come back to the First Annual CraveOnline Comic Con Scavenger Extravaganza page to see if the guys can finish up!

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