You Need To Check Out ‘Baywatch’ Star Kelly Rohrbach On The Cover Of ‘Cosmopolitan’

She'll make a good lifeguard.

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Photo: Instagram/Kelly Rohrbach

Can’t wait until May, 26 for the Baywatch movie to be released? We understand. I mean, you’re pretty eager to watch Alexandra Daddario, and you’re especially eager to check out Kelly Rohrbach play the role of CJ Anderson — the same role made legendary by Pamela Anderson.

But while you’re waiting, I think it’s time you check out just how fantastic Rohrbach looked on the cover of the June edition of Cosmopolitan. And since you folks were totally into seeing the 27-year-old somehow get her cleavage inside of her bikini, you’re going to enjoy seeing this cover.

The model teamed up with photographer James Macari to take quite the cover photo. Check out the cover photo below thanks to Cosmo’s Instagram.

What a gal. And since we don’t have more photos from that shoot, we will gladly share more hot random photos of Rohrbach because those are just the type of good people we are.

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