Hot Lingerie Model Has The Most Bizarre And Longest Checklist For First Dates

This list is quite the odd batch of rules.

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Photo: Instagram/Jade Ainsworth

Do you know who Jade Ainsworth is? Of course you don’t. But just know that if you’re ever interested in going out on a date with her you’re going to have to make sure that you take a look at her checklist for first dates. And let’s just say that it’s pretty damn absurd.

Ainsworth, a lingerie model from the U.K., is quite the looker. And you’ve never heard of her because she hasn’t really done much to shake up the landscape. Well, not until Ainsworth recently appeared on British TV show First Dates. And folks are talking about her appearance on that show because Ainsworth revealed a bizarre 22-point checklist for first dates.

Let’s just say that one of those bullet points is “No midgets.” Yep. And I get that, but does she really have to say “midgets”?

Check out the crazy list for yourself:

1. No snorers
2. No pensioners
3. No midgets
4. No one unemployed
5. No one with a wife or girlfriend
6. No minors
7. Someone with banter
8. Someone that can socialize
9. Someone who can drive properly
10. No relationship rules or restrictions
11. Someone not controlling
12. Easygoing
13. Doesn’t live with their parents
14. No baggage
15. Someone who can drink
16. No smokers
17. No steroids
18. No tattoos
19. Low sex drive
20. No one miserable
21. No one with a pyscho ex
22. No one who’s tight

Hey guys, no rules or restrictions, but I hope you enjoy this 22-point checklist. Oh, and no one miserable, and someone with a low sex drive. So that takes out 95% of men. The other 5% are guys that are dead. And here’s a fun fact: Ainsworth has been single for four years. That’s shocking.

Well, for now, you might as well check out some of Ainsworth thanks to her Instagram.

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