Hot Model Ask To Be Roasted, Deletes Account After It’s Gets Super Brutal


Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Neice Waidhofer

I still don’t know why people head to Reddit and ask to be roasted, but apparently it’s a thing that even the most self-confident person may find themselves feeling pretty down after the roasts are all said and done. It’s like these folks who asked to be roasted but instead received hilarious sketches instead. But for some reason, a hot model decided to give this roasted trend a shot. And let’s just say she couldn’t handle it.

Model Neice Waidhofer took it to Reddit and asked the lovely guys and gals of the internet to do one thing and one thing only: Roast her. Take a look at the photo she put up.

Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

And the onslaught began:


Photo: Reddit

Then there was this completely savage one:


Photo: Reddit

And Waidhofer’s ex even got involved:


Photo: Reddit

This all proved too much for Waidhofer, so she deleted the Reddit account, and then took it to Instagram to explain her actions:

Alright guys, let’s have a talk. First of all, don’t worry, I’m all good, no need to send condolences to my family haha. Yes, I did ask for this.  Yes, I totally freaked out and deleted my Reddit account; my dumb ass used my Instagram username, and judging by the flood of deeply disturbing/visually penisgraphic DMs I was getting, I did not want to lead them here. I see you found me anyway. Hi Reddit! To the people who thought I was just fishing: on r/RoastMe? …wut. To the “ex” who posted: It doesn’t sound like we’ve ever met; also you spelled my name wrong… #IbeforeEexceptafterC So in summary, I am a dumbass and I make reddit really, really angry Thank you to the majority of commenters, who were actually funny, and thank you to all the nice people who had my back against the people who just got excited about a free pass to use the “c” word. Love you guys

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All that we can take from that is this: “So in summary, I am a dumbass and I make reddit really, really angry.”

Well, if it makes Waidhofer feel any better, we certainly enjoy looking at her Instagram:


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