Gals Are Heading To The Club In Nothing But Duct Tape Because Fashion

It's fashion. Duh.

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Another day, another absurd trend that we have no problem with.

It’s just like that trend that involved “glitter nipples.” Yes, that was a thing. Or like when gals took their beer into the shower. That was also a pretty great trend. And speaking of another useless, but great trend, lets talk about the Black Tape Project.

Joel Alvarez, the man behind this project, has described this project of his as “scintillating visual extravaganza that has captivated audiences around the globe.” Dude, it’s just hot gals with duct tape on their bodies. No need to go too crazy. Alvarez, since kicking this off, has reeled in quite the following on social media. And Alvarez has now continued to establish his company, and taken his project to places like New York, parts of Europe, Las Vegas and more.

But again, this isn’t exactly the Mona Lisa. These are just attractive women touring the world in nothing but duct tape. So turn your brain off and enjoy these ladies:

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