Hot Instagram Gal Accidentally Livestreams Herself Having Sex

Well that's awkward.

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Photo: Instagram/Kristen Hancher

It’s 2017 — how in the hell do people still accidentally upload or livestream things? That will always baffle me, and that’s why I’m baffled to how a popular Instagram gal named Kristen Hancher accidentally livestreamed herself having sex with your boyfriend.

Now I’ve never heard of Hancher before today, but apparently she’s a big deal as she has 3.1 million followers on Instagram and 551k subscribers on YouTube? Why? Well I honestly don’t know what in the hell she does, but she’s a looker so that’s probably a big reason why she’s so popular. And she’s about to get more probably because of this.

Take a look at the post below.

Well then, that’s awkward. For her.

Of course the 18-year-old realized her mistake and quickly deleted the Instagram story. Here’s what she later told everyone.

“That was totally NOT intentional,” she told followers later, “Delete it from your mind. That was super embarrassing and super uncomfortable…shit happens. Accidents happen. You have to move on and pretend like it never happened and go on with your life. That’s what I’m gonna do. “

Hey, accidents happen. But accidentally streaming yourself in the midst of your tour of pleasure-ville? Yeah, that’s pretty damn rare.

Well, at least Hancher is still quite the gem.

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