Ex-Marine Shannon Ihrke Is Now A Full-Time Lingerie Model


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Photo: Instagram/Shannon Ihrke

What a way to serve your country.

Shannon Ihrke spent four years in the Marine Corps starting at the age of 19. The now 29-year-old worked as an Administrative Specialist in the forces and says joining was the best decision of her life.

“I pushed my body harder than I could have ever imagined and I learned to remain calm and collected in the mist of chaos. I became part of something that was bigger than myself and I loved it,” Ihrke said. Ihrke also adds this:

“I owe the Marine Corps my life, hands down. It gave me the reason to wake up, push myself, set goals and to push myself ever harder then things got tough. As a female in the Marine Corps you have to work twice as hard as the men in order to feel like their equal. A lot of the Marines initially thought that I might not be able to keep up physically, or that I somehow wasn’t ‘as strong’ as them so I made it my mission to prove them wrong.”

But now that Ihrke isn’t in the Marines anymore, her new career is posing in lingerie as she’s a full-time lingerie model. America! Ihrke currently has over 70k followers on her Instagram, an Instagram filled with hot photos. So let’s take a look at the hottest photos of Ihrke below thanks to her Instagram.

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