Remember Dane Cook? Well He’s Dating A 19-Year-Old Named Kelsi Taylor

This is no joke.

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It was about ten years ago that Dane Cook took the comedy world by storm, selling show after show and having frat boys rush out in droves to see his latest schtick. And I will admit that there was a time I found Cook hilarious. Hell, I’m pretty sure everyone did at one point. But man, times flies and with that so does fame as Cook is nowhere near as popular as he once was. And it’s tough these days with comedic heavy hitters out there doing their thing. But guess what? At least Cook has a hot girlfriend. So that’s something.

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The 45-year-old comedian has, and check this out, a 19-year-old girlfriend named Kelsi Taylor. Taylor is a singer who has performed background vocals for artists such as Demi Lovato and Little Big Town. But it’s the 26-year gap between the pair that has people buzzing.

Does Cook look like Taylor’s father? Yes. Can’t we fault him for being able to date a hot, younger woman? No. The truth is that Cook probably has some dollars left in his bank account from his peak, so he’s probably off living better that most of us are. And while this relationship is one to question, I’m almost certain Cook is OK with it.

Well, here are a few photos of Taylor below thanks to her Instagram.

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