We All Need To Appreciate This Absurd ‘Butt Selfie’ By Yanet Garcia

Say yes for Yanet.

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Photo: Victor Chavez/WireImage (Getty)

I don’t think we need to tell you all more about Yanet Garcia that we have you told you already. We already told you that the hot weather woman enjoys taking sexy photos near the Eiffel Tower, and we also told you how Garcia is all about making brownies in short shorts. But guess what? You just need to know even more, and that is why we just had to share this ridiculous photo that Garcia shared on Instagram recently.

The 27-year-old Mexican beauty is no stranger to showing off her backside, and boy did she show it off — enough for us to take notice. So why don’t we first kick back and take a look at this fantastic photo of Garcia below:

Yep, just take that in, folks. And take in the rest of the recent gems below all thanks to Garcia.

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