McDonald’s Serves Up Burgers Next to Corpse

Fast-food restaurant serves up grub despite the dead body in the corner.

max-millerby max-miller
You might want to do a quick sweep of the entire restaurant next time you’re at a McDonald’s. You know, just to make sure that there aren’t any dead bodies lying around.

In Sibenik, Croatia, a female customer at McDonald’s began having severe chest pains, and fell over. Her husband called for an ambulance, but the woman died from the heart attack before paramedics could arrive.

Employees at the McDonald’s were so devoted to their minimum-wage-paying jobs that they simply covered the body of the woman with a white sheet and continued to serve up McNuggets and Big Macs to any customers who happened to still be alive.

According to customers, the corpse of the woman was left under the sheet for an entire hour and a half while some patrons continued to dine in, and others were served at the drive-through window without a clue of what had gone on inside.

“No one closed the restaurant, which would normally have been done at any other place, especially a fast-food restaurant,” said a customer who gave no name, but whom we’ll just call Mr. Obvious.

The police have said that they did not order the closure of the restaurant, and they cannot say for sure if food preparation was taking place while the body was in the restaurant.

Shockingly, a spokesperson for McDonald’s has come forward to say that the witness accounts are false, and that the restaurant followed proper health protocol by shutting down for the evening after the woman died.