The RedZone Channel Drinking Game

Make Sundays even more fantastic.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

nfl, redzone channel, drinking game

If you’ve ever watched the RedZone Channel during an NFL Sunday, you know that it is a perfect baby born from the marriage between television and football. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be copious amounts of booze. With that in mind, we put together the RedZone Channel drinking game to make sure that every one of your Monday mornings for the rest of the football season will be filled with headaches and good/blurry memories from the day before. Here are the rules:


– Every time a team scores

– Every time they go to a double box (two games at once)

– Every time they cut to a game but show you the game’s previous play to explain how the team got their current field position

– Every time the host updates you on how many “one score” games there are

– Every time you see one of your fantasy players score

– Every time the host mentions a player is having a good fantasy performance

– Every time you change the channel and see that they’re playing the same game that’s on RedZone

– Every time you see a turnover


– Every time you see a Michael Vick turnover

– Every time RedZone cuts to a game and then that game cuts to a highlight from the game RedZone was just showing

– Every time you see more than four plays from the same game

– If they accidentally let a commercial break start

– If they have to go to the announcer because all of the games are on commercial breaks

– Every time they go to the scoreboard-only shot while the announcer catches you up on all the games

– If you take a bathroom break and miss a score

– When they show a meaningless TD in a blowout just because they “promise to show you every touchdown on the day”

– Every time you see a kick return that doesn’t result in a TD

– If you have to listen to a sideline report


– If they go to a quad box (four games at once)


– If they show two or more game-winning field goal attempts at the same time


– If the Browns win