Nina Dobrev Does Yoga on ‘Conan’

Nina uses Conan as a wall for her yoga moves.

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham

We know you folks enjoy watching Conan videos, whether he’s at the gym with the hilarious Kevin Hart, teaching a clueless girl how to drive (again with Kevin Hart and also Ice Cube), or just talking it up with Norm Macdonald, Conan just makes everything funnier. But sometimes, we don’t need funny. Sometimes we just need to watch Nina Dobrev do some yoga in front of everyone. And that is exactly what happened here.

Take a look at the very funny (and very sex) video below, featuring Nina showing Conan how to do some yoga.

Nina Dobrev Does Yoga on ‘Conan’

Nina Dobrev is convinced by Conan to perform some yoga moves on his show, and Conan is sure glad he did. The exclamation of “Oh my God!” and look on his face is probably the same from every man who ever meets this girl.