The Cozy Kitchens Of Our Favorite TV Shows

Come on in.

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham

Everyone knows the heart of a household is the kitchen, so it makes sense that some of the coziest kitchens on TV belong to our favorite shows. With a little ’90s nostalgia and a bit of classic comedy, see which kitchens you feel at home in. Just so you know, we were going to include “The Cosby Show” kitchen, but now we’re not certain what actually happened in there.

The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
Since 1989, four of New York’s finest have hashed out their qualms with everyone and every bit of society in this tiny bachelor pad. The kitchen itself saw a hilarious redesign in season eight, as well as a modern upgrade for the foursome’s guest appearance in season seven of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
When most “Friends” fanatics think of the kitchen, they think of that gaudy paint job across the hall from Joey and Chandler’s apartment. How these two apartments were in the same building is beyond us, considering one space had huge ceilings, a porch that comfortably fit six and a view of the city, while the other one had foosball and a duck. Strangely enough, most men would probably gravitate towards the one with the duck, especially if it had two recliners and Jennifer Aniston was briefly your roommate with consistently hard nips.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”
The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
How many fat jokes about Uncle Phil and crybaby shots at Carlton did you see Will dish out in this classic kitchen between 1990 and 1996? Check out where the cast of “The Fresh Prince” is now, being that it’s been 20 years since the finale. We’ll give you a hint: Tatyana Ali is still bangin’ hot.

“The OC”
The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
In a show about a place where nothing is real, the candid morning conversations and “bagel schmearing” was not only very real, but a thing of beauty. Despite only four seasons, the Cohen family kitchen felt like childhood all over again, whether someone was just shot with bullets or botox.

“Home Improvement”
The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
The kitchen seemed to be the only place Tim Taylor was safe from himself. He was destructive when it came to cars in the garage and work on set, and when he wasn’t screwing things up with the wife, he was gathering sage wisdom one of the best in class TV neighbors we want to live next door to, Wilson. The laughs were enough to make you ho-ho-ho. We’re not sure if that’s a “Tool Time” reference or a shot at “The Santa Clause.”

“Mad Men”
The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
Before Don was a single ladies’ man, he was a married ladies’ man, and this was the kitchen he shared with sweet Betty (January Jones). Although the arguments and make-up sex of the early seasons were lovely to live through in this cozy kitchen, we much preferred the later years in the New York penthouse.

“King of Queens”
The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
The sheer number of self-inflicted fat jokes cracked in this kitchen by Kevin James alone, Lord only knows. Between the witty banter of his wife, Carrie (Leah Remini), and the classic appearances from his basement dwelling father-in-law, Arthur (Jerry Stiller), this tiny little nook saw a hell of a lot of laughs in its nine-season run.

“Full House”
The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
With the cast back now in “Fuller House,” it got us thinking about how little some things change. The kitchen is still spotless, still the place for lots of heart-to-heart pep talks, still cheesy as all get out. You just never expect the annoying neighbor will eventually move in with you.

“Beverly Hills 90210”
The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
If you were born in the ’80s and know anything about life, chances are you were practically raised on “Beverly Hills 90210,” which means the father-son talks with Jim Walsh were a regular occurrence in this kitchen. It wasn’t until Jim moved out and all the friends moved in that it got a little borderline incestuous, which is what the ’90s were all about!

“The Sopranos”
The Cozy Kitchens of Our Favorite TV Shows
God bless the man, and his kitchen too. The late “Sopranos” actor had many a family moment in this cozy kitchen, some not so cozy though. Between the whacking, the arguing and the betraying, this kitchen was likely the safest place on the entire mob series, which went to black at the end of its sixth season in 2007.