Ranking The 10 Best Summers Ever

Hot, hot, hot.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

We’re in the middle of summer and it is boiling hot out there — so hot that sometimes it’s extremely tempting to just stay indoors with the fan on high, park yourself in front of the television and try to pinpoint where life went wrong. Since that was on your agenda anyway, you might as well check out the hottest summers ever. And by that we mean the hottest characters named summer. Check out our top 10 below and try not to sweat too much. Unless you have a fever, then by all means sweat it out.

10. Summer – “Clueless”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
Before she went on to be part of another popular teen movie in “Bring it On,” Nicole Bilderback got to be a part of one of those memorable movies of the ’90s in “Clueless.” She of course played Summer and got to hang around Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash. And that’s the Stacey Dash before she lost her marbles version.

9. Summer Wheatley – “Napoleon Dynamite”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
Sure, so Hilary Duff is the more popular one, but that doesn’t mean that her sister Haley Duff hasn’t had her time in the spotlight. And she did that in “Napoleon Dynamite,” where she played the popular girl who Pedro had to run against to become high school president. She even went all out on a Backstreet Boys song in order to get your vote. Now that’s dedication.

8. Summer – “True Blood”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
If you watch “The Big Bang Theory,” and we really hope you don’t, you may have noticed that Melissa Rauch is in it. Melissa plays, you guessed it, a gal named Summer who is really into Hoyt, and really wants him to taste her biscuits. And judging by this scene, we hope she has some left for us, too.

7. Summer Rae – “WWE”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
Danielle Moinet plays her character Summer Rae at WWE. Aside from being in the WWE since 2013, Rae also got to be a part of the cast in the groundbreaking film “The Marine: Moving Target.” But we can forgive her for that because she is also a former football player in the Lingerie Football League.

6. Summer Quinn – “Baywatch”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
It wasn’t all about Pamela Anderson on “Baywatch,” as Nicole Eggert also turned heads as Summer Quinn. When Summer wasn’t parading around on the beach, she was fighting off her mom’s abusive ex-boyfriend and overcoming bulimia. Man, life’s rough out on that beach.

5. Summer Edgecombe – “The Mentalist
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
Samaire Armstrong did more than appear on “The OC” and in Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” video, she actually played a prostitute on CBS’ “The Mentalist.” Now that’s keeping a career afloat. Samaire played Summer Edgeshow on the police drama — a prostitute who goes on to become an informant. Talk about moving up the corporate ladder.

4. Summer Finn – “500 Days of Summer”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
OK, she was one fickle character, but we get why Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) fell for Summer Finn, played by Zooey Deschanel. Summer Finn is just another manic pixie dream girl, but we fell for it, and wanted more than 500 days.

3. Summer Hartley – “Definitely, Maybe”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
Before Ryan Reynolds was living it up with Blake Lively, he actually got to shack up with Rachel Weisz. Sort of. Weisz played Summer Hartley in “Definitely, Maybe,” and we’re actually OK with seeing Weisz in any role. At all. Even if it’s just teaching us how to properly say Michael Caine’s name.

2. Buffy Summers – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
So her first name wasn’t Summer, but there’s no way we could make this list and not include Buffy Summers, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. For seven seasons we got to see this hot vampire slayer kick ass, and throw out witty remarks left and right.

1. Summer Roberts – “The O.C.”
Ranking Our Favorite Summers
While one may think it might be tough to top Buffy Summers, Rachel Bilson and her Summer Roberts character did just that. The character appeared on Fox’s “The O.C.” for four seasons, and was the perfect sidekick to the whiny and dramatic character that Mischa Barton portrayed. Bilson’s character also gave me an excuse to watch every single season of that show. Every damn one of them.

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