This Hot Personal Trainer Actually Drinks A ‘Sperm Smoothie’ Everyday For ‘Health Reasons’

Something tells me you won't try this.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Tracy Kiss

If you thought people that enjoy having sex with inanimate objects was weird, you’re going to want to stick around for this doozy.

Remember Tracy Kiss? That model who admitted that she enjoys covering her face in semen to keep her skin soft? Well, she’s back, and this time she’s out to admit to the world for some reason that not only does she enjoy it on her face, she enjoys it in her smoothie. You know, Tracy, you can always just have your smoothie with fruit. That’s an idea.

The 29-year-old vegan, who is also a nutritional adviser (if that matters to you), actually mixes typical smoothie ingredients like fruit, coconut or almond milk, seeds, and oh yeah, semen. And she has no problem drinking the semen without all that other extra stuff, claiming that it fights off sicknesses and improves her mood.

She takes one of these “shakes” every day.

And if you’re wondering where she gets her…um…supply, well, according to Tracy a generous friend stops by three times a week with his offerings. What a friendship.

And here’s what Tracy told Vice for people who may not agree with what she does: “In relationships, you put fingers in holes, you taste things, and you don’t see it as cringeworthy. But when you take away the passion and say it’s scientific, people don’t like it.”

That’s right, “fingers in holes.” Well, good luck with your health routine, Tracy. Now let’s look at some of her pictures thanks to Instagram:

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