Guy Uses A Drone To Catch His Wife Cheating On Him In A CVS Parking Lot

Well then, looks like this marriage is over.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

Hey, would you look at that, drones are actually useful sometimes.

Even though chances are pretty high that you’re going to get caught cheating, people still go ahead and do it. That’s why this woman was caught cheating after making a critical mistake on Snapchat. And that’s why this dude had to come up with the most garbage excuse to explain a hickey on his neck. But the guy in this story actually caught his wife cheating in a wife we’ve never heard before: He used his drone to catch her with another dude.

The guy in the video noticed that his wife had been getting called in early to work more often the past couple weeks, so he decided to follow her. And when that didn’t work, he gave his drone a shot. Take a look at the video below to see what he captured.

Guy Uses A Drone To Catch His Wife Cheating On Him In A CVS Parking Lot

Now of course some folks think this is fake, but this YouTube may shed some light on the realness of it.


Well, if this is real then it just makes this situation that more depressing. The dude caught his lady cheating on him using a drone — at a CVS pharmacy. Although it could have been worse, it could have been an Applebee’s parking lot.

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