Dad Trolls The Hell Out Of His Daughter’s Selfies

Dad of the year by far.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Burr Martin

It sure is fun watching parents troll their kids, as it shows you that even as they age they can still have a good time and still have a sense of humor. That’s why we loved seeing how this mom used a drunk photo of her daughter for her birthday cake, and even though he was trying to help his son, we still thought it was hilarious when a dad took out a full newspaper ad in order to find his son a wife. But now Burr Martin is going all out to troll his daughter.

Burr has been trolling his daughter’s selfies for quite a long time. We even talked about one a few months back. Remember this one?

Dad Trolls The Hell Out Of His Daughter’s Selfies


Photo: Instagram/Burr Martin


Well there is plenty more where that came from, as Burr always keeps an eye on his daughter Cassie’s Instagram just so he can troll the hell out of her.

Check out some of the best below thanks to Burr’s hilarious Instagram:

This guy deserves all the prizes. There is no half-ass trolling here, this is some dedication here — some very legit trolling.

h/t The Chive

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