Today’s Funny Photos 5-12-17

May we propose some quick LOLs?

Cory Dudakby Cory Dudak

It’s your favorite time of day again. Of course, that may be a tad presumptuous considering I have no idea who’s reading this, but I’ll risk it. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy funny photos?

Today’s roundup features the usual suspects: a sexy babe tease photo to kick things off, hilarious animals, and far too many pictures pertaining to getting wasted in one way or another. If that doesn’t strike a cord with you, then perhaps you shouldn’t have read my introduction and just been surprised. However, I know that everyone reads my intros, so obviously that’s just crazy talk.

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-12-17

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The Most Interesting Dog in the World still has nothing on Sly Bird.

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This dude is in even bigger trouble now: Finnish Brewery Actually Made A 1,000 Pack Of Beer

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Who has time for intelligent captions when there are more funny photos to check out?