Florida Man Has Sex With Woman And Then Steals Her Video Game Consoles At Gunpoint

Grand Theft Auto in real life, baby.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler
Photo: Future Publishing (Getty)

I suppose you could argue that he held her at gunpoint twice.

According to Click Orlando, a 23-year-old Florida man recently met an Ocala woman on a dating website called Plenty of Fish, showed up to her house and plowed her and then returned a few hours later with a bandana over his face and robbed her and her family at gunpoint.

Florida Man Has Sex With Woman And Then Steals Her Video Game Consoles At Gunpoint


Police said Kareem Mutcherson returned to the house where his “side girlfriend” lived at 1 a.m. Monday morning and not only took the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation and Xbox from the house, but he also pistol-whipped a 68-year-old man who lived there. After gathering up all of the video game consoles, he threw them in his car parked nearby that of course also had a three-year-old kid in the backseat and drove away from the scene.

Since someone inside the house had called 911 during the robbery, a police officer was already in the area, and he noticed a car leaving the scene with a broken headlight. He decided to throw his lights on, and wouldn’t you know it, the guy behind the wheel was Mutcherson.

So I guess the moral of the story here is that if you’re going to steal somebody’s gaming systems, make sure both of your headlights work. That, and maybe be a little more selective when it comes to inviting somebody from Plenty of Fish to come over for a hump.

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