A Brewery Took Music Festival Pee And Turned It Into Beer

It's a true 'Pisner'.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Leave it to the Danes to invent a new beer … and they’ll give you one made of urine.

Alright, well, that’s not entirely true. But that’s the branding their going with after creating what they call a ‘Pisner’ beer, made from hops fertilized with urine.

Brewers at @norrebrobryghus in Copenhagen decided to collect thousands of liters of urine from a recent musical festival for the fertilization of your hops. It’s a process they’re calling “beercycling.”

A Brewery Took Music Festival Pee And Turned It Into Beer


Here’s a look at the beer, one which will be considered a ‘limited edition.’ Only 60,000 will be made.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

So just to clarify, this is more of a genius marketing ploy than anything. You could say your tomatoes are made of poop, because cow feces was made to fertilize the soil in which it grew. Same logic. It’s not like they’re dropping thousands of liters of pee into vats and cooking your beer … right?

The brewery is proud to be all ‘organic.’ Considering the trend I guess I’ll certainly have to buy you a round of this Pisner the next time urine town.

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