Today’s Funny Photos 11-28-17

It's that time once again.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially “shop until you run out of money” time, you should all know that the holidays are going to fly by and before you know it it will be 2018 and we are going to look back at 2017 and remember just how truly awful it was. But for now let’s try not to think about any of that, mainly because you should be focusing on our new batch of Funny Photos! Because there’s still a few weeks left in 2017 so let’s jam pack as many laughs as possible. Ready to laugh? Good, have at it!

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Today’s Funny Photos 11-28-17




And you probably don’t want to eat this ice cream: This Ice Cream Sandwich Refused To Melt After Lying In The Sun And Twitter Was Baffled




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