Michigan Man Trying To Pay Fine With Pennies Poops Himself After Getting Choked By Guard

Well, that kind of backfired.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler
Photo: hookmedia (Getty)

It’s not every day that you hear an attorney have to utter the words, “I don’t think that in everyday course of business, we poop our pants or go around defecating ourselves,” but that’s apparently what will happen if you decide to pay your parking tickets in Royal Oak, Michigan with rolls of pennies.

According to Fox 2, Anthony Sevy did just that in February after being told he would have to pay a $1.75 processing fee if he used a credit card to pay his fine. Sevy was having none of that shit, so he left and returned with rolls of pennies, which we’re pretty sure is still an acceptable form of American currency.

Well, unless of course you’re in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Watch as one of the guards waits until Sevy has his back to him and is in the court’s foyer before choking him, slamming him to the ground and knocking him out in the process. The exchange was powerful enough that Sevy shit his pants during it.

Michigan Man Trying To Pay Fine With Pennies Poops Himself After Getting Choked By Guard

“I don’t think anyone paying in penny rolls, whether it’s a preferred thing to do for a court clerk, warrants this type of this assaultive behavior and violation of constitutional rights,” Sevy’s attorney Jonathan Marco said. “I think the more profound and long-lasting injury is the psychological injuries he’s suffering as a result of this. He’s supposed to be in a safe place.”

It’s unknown how much Sevy and his attorney are seeking in damages, but it’ll be interesting to see if a fresh set of drawers is somewhere on his list of demands.

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