It Turns Out Women Are More Likely To Have Friends With Benefits

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Matt Branhamby Matt Branham
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Guess what, guys! It turns out women are more likely to have friends with benefits (FWB). Are we dreaming? How is this possible? Well, now is your chance to leave and nagging wife and finally get all the perks of a relationship (oral sex, sports stuff, more sex) with zero of the downfall (curfew, vegan nachos, caring). Nah, just kidding, you’re totally married for life. But we do have some thoughts on the where it comes from.

Seriously though, Dred did a study on bed buddies, or friends with benefits, and the things that make or break a little no-strings-attached loving. Of a thousand people surveyed, half were American and half European so we get to see the difference not only between men and women’s responses┬ábut also that of another culture.

What constitutes a friends with benefits situation? Who finds more romance in the sweaty sheets of fuck buddies? Where do they come from? And how the hell is Melania still with that monster? All this and more below. (Hint: The First Lady has her own bedroom.)

It Turns Out Women Are More Likely To Have Friends With Benefits

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