Today’s Funny Photos 2-1-18

It's a new month so let's get to laughing!

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

New month, new you, right? Isn’t that a saying? Well even if it isn’t we need to make it a saying. We also need to feel a tad happier today because the horrid month that is January is finally over. That month took way too long, but January usually does as nothing ever happens. But at this point we should be thankful that nothing happened with the way things have been going. But now that we have a new month it’s time we kick things off with a new batch of Funny Photos. We need to start this month off on a laughing note. We don’t know the misery that awaits us, so might as well get those laughs in (out?).

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Today’s Funny Photos 2-1-18




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