Are You Serious?! Daz Dillinger’s New Album Includes Scale

Watch as Daz shows what you're supposed to use the scale for. (Spoiler Alert: It's drugs.)

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Are You Serious?! Daz Dillinger's New Album Includes Scale


There’s ridiculous album promotion gimmicks and there’s stupid album promotion gimmicks, but this is an entirely new level of are you SERIOUS?!


According to HipHopDX, Daz Dillinger‘s got some big plans for his upcoming album D.A.Z., plans which could present some serious legal issues for fans shelling out the $59.99 the record will cost. Why so expensive? We’ll let the Dogg Pound Gang veteran explain:

That’s right – Dillinger’s new album is coming equipped with a fully functional scale. Not the kind you check your body weight with, either – as unmistakably shown in the video above, there’s little confusion that the scale is for illicit substances. 


Why Daz is choosing to promote the drug trade with his fourteenth studio album is perhaps a question better left unasked. It’s not exactly a revolutionary consumer incentive to offer a scale that can carry up to 500 grams along with new music, and it’s downright ludicrously stupid to brazenly suggest that the scale can best be used to measure the weight of marijuana and other substances.


Good luck with the next traffic stop, Daz. 


D.A.Z is currently scheduled for an April release.