#TwitterWars: Rihanna vs. Ciara In Spat of Cattiness

Rihanna goes in hard when Ciara calls her out on TV.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

#TwitterWars: Rihanna vs. Ciara In Spat of Cattiness


Twitter has become the single most fascinating and active feature of the internet in recent months, and resistance has become officially futile. From the Egypt revolutions to 50 Cent offering snow-shoveling services to Howard Stern hijacking the world in a live-tweet commentary for his Private Parts movie, there’s no denying that the 140-character social gnat service has taken a double-fisted hold of digital culture.


Who needs tabloid rags when you’ve got a front row seat to the flashbulb trainwreck occurrences of celebrity tweet-spats, which we’ve seen plenty of, particularly in the past year. The latest pair to slug it out in text-blast message form are Rihanna and Ciara – who interestingly enough both dated Chris Brown back in the day. 


Early Friday night, the two bared their claws in a hot little public spat after Ciara, 25, made a dig at the fellow singer on E!’s Fashion Police.


"I ran into her recently at a party. She wasn’t the nicest," Ciara sniped. "It’s crazy, because I’ve always loved and respected what she’s done in fashion. It wasn’t the most pleasant run-in." See the video below:

RiRi pulled out the claws in response, aiming 140 at Ciara with an insinuation that she was only a cocktail waitress at the party. A short but fierce bout of sarcastic cattiness ensued, with what at first seemed like an amicable conclusion (read from the bottom up for continuity):



Just a bit later, however, Rihanna seemed to be throwing a razor blade hidden in the make-up kiss:




Clearly not too sharp on the sarcasm, or perhaps just leaning on the side of wishful thinking, Ciara took Rihanna’s eye roll of an apology as genuine and accepted it, as shown up top.


“Rhi, u know its always been love since day 1! Doing shows/everything. You threw me off in that party! Apology accepted. Let’s chat in person,” She tweeted.


We’ll see if that’s the end of it, but hey – at least Lil’ Kim’s not a part of it. As for the outcome of a potential face-to-face showdown, Ciara may be the more muscular of the two, but something tells me that Rihanna’s got just enough crazy in her to tear someone apart. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that….