Deicide: To Hell With Your God

A powerful new offering for diehard Death Metal fans.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Deicide: To Hell With Your God



Do you like what Deicide do? Are you a fan of true death metal or perhaps so anti-religious that it permeates its way into even the music you listen to? If so then Deicide’s new album To Hell With Your God is something you’ll want to make sure to purchase. This is pure Deicide, with the same tricks and twists that have kept the band going for twenty years. 


I can’t say that much has really changed or that To Hell With Your God stretches too far from Deicide’s standard formula but then again, I don’t think the band is looking to do that. Death Metal is a fan-based genre, one that knows their audience and aims right for it, album after album.


This is one of those albums that compels me to step back and review it from the angle of somebody who lives and breathes for the music. Personally I don’t care about most Death Metal, it just doesn’t move me at all. Outside of the band Death and a few others, the entire genre of seems predicated on repetition and staying with certain parameters. Deicide plays that game better than most and have managed to stay current in an arena where bands vanish almost as quickly as they appear. The secret seems to be frontman Glen Benton’s drive to keep what Deicide do pure. In other words, if you told Glen that Decide don’t really experiment much he’d probably say “Yeah, so?” (Or something a little more colorful). 


For fans of Death Metal, To Hell With Your God is sure to please. This is a rapid-fire barrage of sonic destruction that uses odd time signatures, start-and-stop grooves and Benton’s patented growl of doom and destruction. It’s hard to pick apart the individual songs because the differences mainly come in how constants of the genre are structured. Where the guitars come in, where the stop, shifts in double bass, how the guitars double up and when the solos drop. 


At thirty-five minutes for eleven songs, Deicide cram as much playing as they can into what they do. Love or hate them, there’s no denying the band’s musical ability. For those looking to worship technical mastery, you’d be hard pressed to find an album with more of it than To Hell With Your God. Sound wise this is going to be what people expect from Deicide. It’s heavy, relentless and doesn’t let up the attack until the very last note. If darkness decided to play fast, Deicide would be its name.


One thing I have to give Deicide credit for is originality in song titles. “Empowered By Blasphemy”, “Hang In Agony Until Your Dead”, “How Can You Call Yourself A God” and so on manage to dictate Deicide’s message with some real punch. Though they lack the sense of humor and stand on opposite sides of the musical fence, title wise Deicide is second only to Morrissey in the ability to set up a tune with very few words. I’ve often wondered I somewhere, hidden down deep, Glen Benton doesn’t have a twisted sense of humor. I don’t mean he doesn’t take his musically seriously, but more that he has a bit of fun with it. To Hell With Your God is a powerful new entry for die hard Death Metal fans looking for one of the best bands in the genre.


CraveOnline Rating: 8 OUT OF 10