Watch Will Ferrell, Jack Black & More in Beastie Boys’ ‘Fight For Your Right: Revisited’ Trailer

Check out the hilarious & star-studded trailer for Beastie Boys' new short film.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

The trailer has arrived for the upcoming 30 minute Beastie Boys video for "Fight For Your Right – Revisited," featuring a star cast including Jack Black, Will Arnett, Will Farrell, Elijah Wood, Susan Saranden, Harvey Keitel, among others.

Watch below:


Back in December we heard news of a short film directed by The Beastie Boys based on their classic Fight For Your Right video. The "old" Beastie Boys will be portrayed by Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Jack Black, crampin' Elijah's style.

The 2 minute clip, set to the new Beasties track, also features cameos by Rainn Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon and Will Arnett. The full 30-minute version of Fight For Your Rights Revisited is “coming soon.” The Beastie Boys’ long-awaited eighth LP, Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2, has been more than three years in the making. The video will also include the new "Make Some Noise" track, likely accompanied by teasers for new songs as well.

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two drops May 3rd.