Watch The Decemberists ‘This Is Why We Fight’ Video

Neverland meets Lord of the Flies in a testament to peaceful defiance in the face of outrageous aggression.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


First we brought you a 15 second teaser of The Decemberists' new video for "This Is Why We Fight," then we gave you the vinyl for free, and now we've got the whole enchilada for you.


The video reunites the band with director Aaron Stewart-Ahn, with whom they worked on videos for “16 Military Wives” and “O Valencia”. Neverland meets Lord of the Flies with a cliffhanger ending that stands as a testament to peaceful protest in the face of outrageous aggression and darkness.

The Decemberists' chart-topping sixth album, The King Is Dead, has reaped the rewards of critical acclaim and the rarity of solid sales in a dying industry. The album is remarkable, and you can check out our review here.