Beastie Boys “The Larry Routine” Clip & Saturday Morning Event News

Something big is in store for Saturday morning...  

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


There are things we'd like to tell you. Things involving the Beastie Boys, their upcoming new album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two and a mysterious event taking place this Saturday morning, bright and early before Easter.


But we can't, you see, because despite the best efforts of this devious little monkey called the internet, some courageous souls still believe it's possible to keep a secret. And who are we to spoil that? 


We'll just say for now that it would behoove you to keep an eye on the Beastie Boys' official site, where in addition to pre-ordering Hot Sauce Committee Part Two you'll find a little media box teasing an event to be held at 10:35 EST, reading "LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN TO THE BEAT BOX – MAKE SOME NOISE MSG"


That's enticing, but what's MSG? Message? Madison Square Garden? Marsupial Strangling Group? We can't tell at this point. To sweeten the frustration of ambiguity's mind twist, enjoy an exclusive short premiere clip of "The Larry Routine," off the upcoming Hot Sauce Committee Part Two!


It's not much on length, but it's a promising taste of what to expect on May 3 when Hot Sauce Committee Part Two finally drops! If you're up for another taste, check out a full-track listen of "Say It" over at Antiquiet.